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Pulling Wire Just Got Easier with GripT Contractor 10-Pack

Pulling Wire Just Got Easier with GripT Contractor 10-Pack

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 Lose the messy electrical tape and wire waste, gain back valuable time!

Saves you valuable time with every wire pull. Fast, durable, and versatile is what you get with GripT. Eliminate the use of messy electrical tape bundles and wire pulling head prep. Just insert the wire, tighten it in place, and get to pulling.

GripT is a wire pulling tool that attaches directly to glow rods, fish tapes, fish sticks, wire pulling rods and other wire fishing methods, by using the included adaptor.

No matter if your pulling low voltage wiring, electrical wiring, CCTV, security, or cable tv wiring, GripT works with many different wire types and sizes.

Designed by technicians, for the go-to tool for electrical, low voltage and telecommunications technicians. Get a GripT on your installs!

Works with many different sizes and types of wire such as, Coax cable RG-59 and RG-6. Speaker wire, thermostat wire, security system wire such as, 18/2 cable and 18/4 cable, through 24AWG cable.

Perfect for Cat5 and Cat6 networking cable as well electrical wire. 14-2-gauge, 14-3-gauge, 12-2 gauge and 12-3-gauge Romex works perfectly with GripT.

Braided wire and solid core are compatible.

Essentially, if you can fit the wire in the 9/32" (0.281) hole, GripT’ s Patent Pending design will hold it tightly and without damaging your wire.

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