We're glad to see you found us. I'm sure you're here to find out a little more about who we are, and why GripT exists. GripT is an idea that I thought of during my years of being an installer. I've been some sort of installer my entire life. Installing car stereos, home theater, satellites and CCTV systems all through high school. Travelling the country as a cable TV contractor doing installs, service, wiring/rewiring head-ends and splicing fiber. Designing and building large point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless networks, FTTP/FTTH networks, structured wiring in hotels and hospitals, Security, access control and many others. Basically, if it needed a wire to function, there's a good chance I've ran one for it. (except hanging from a helicopter, working on electrical lines, that's not for me!) 

Through the miles of wire I've pulled over the years, there's always been those frustrating times when I thought "there's got to be an easier way." You know, those times when you're in a 140-degree attic, face deep in insulation, and the wire slides out of the electrical tape. The time the center conductor that you used for your pull head breaks or, the endless times you end up with sticky electrical tape  residue all over your hands, only to try and wipe them off on your pants leaving black goop all over them. Not to mention the amount of wire I've cut away from the tape bundle holding the wire to my glow rods. Cause who has time to un-tape it when your in an attic or belly crawling in a crawl space? 

The problem is, that 5+ inches of wire being cut off adds up very quickly. Especially today! That's why I decided to take a leap and develop GripT. I have the same trait as every other technician out there, we're all tinkerers and problem solvers. On-the-fly solution creators! I am no different. I am just a guy that pulled a lot of cable, came up with an idea, and chased a dream of developing it. I realize GripT doesn't work for EVERY wire run scenario. Just like a 7/16" wrench doesn't work great on Phillips head screws. But, when it is a good fit, you'll be glad you have it in your tool belt. 

Thanks for Getting a GripT on Your Installs!